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A great revolution is underway in the field of Information Technology (IT) and it is making a very significant impact in all spheres of our day to day life. Especially in the field of finance, business & marketing information Technology has made a considerable impact. Due to this the future generation will be influenced to a great extent than the present question. This will change considerably the various systems that are prevalent in our economy.

To cope with this situation the present generation of youth should be given proper training, guidance and assistance so as to become well aware & also to become conversant with the revolution in the field of IT. For this they should obtain proper education coupled with sufficient experience to work.

Presently some education institutions provide education in the field of IT by conducting various courses at diploma, degree and post-graduation level. In big cities some institutions charge very heavy fees to give such type of training. But still this education is not sufficient to make the students aware as can be seen from their present level of understanding.

Considering all above factors e-generation IIT has taken a bold decision of devising a very comprehensive and full proof scheme. Under this we will give a quality of computer education at nominal fees. Further those who are needy and ready to take sincere efforts for taking the training will be provided the same at very subsidized rates. Our main aim is to provide the education in the field of IT at all levels. For this not only in Vidarbha, Marathwada or Maharashtra but even at the village level e-generation IIT has taken a decision to provide Computer Software Hardware training centers all over India.

Presently the number of private computer institutions charge a very heavy fees which are not affordable to proof students, hence they are unable to obtain the Computer Education. In order to satisfy the needs of the financial weaker segment of the Youth e-generation IIT shall provide a very good quality and thorough Computer Education covering all its shares so as to make them well aware and become conversant with the revolution in the field of IT.

We make a world of difference by inventing ways to make Good things Better. Yogesh BoseManaging Director


We are on a mission to train and empower 1 milllion students by 2020 and make them job ready through its network of centers.


Our visions to shape the careers and empower the youth and make them employable through quality training delivery, processes, pedagogies and systems that ensures a seamless and affordable education & training.


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